• Meridian Trust gave me a good price for my property and closed fast. I had some unpaid hospital bills and they really came through for me.

    They emailed me a contract and I closed 10 days later. It was actually pretty easy and uncomplicated. I really appreciated the time that the Representative Chris took explaining everything to me and there were no surprises.

    – Marvin Harris

  • When we decided to fully retire last year that meant liquidating all our rental properties. We did some research and realized that we could sell all our properties to a single buyer without paying out 6% in real estate commissions.

    That buyer was Meridian Trust. We didn’t pay any commissions, closing costs or make any repairs. We ended up buying a beautiful home on in a retirement community in Arizona and we don’t miss the late night repair calls.

    – Walter & Judy Kammerman

  • After my husband passed away I needed to downsize and get out of the property we shared together. We hadn’t updated the property in 25 years and I didn’t have the resources to do take on that kind of project.

    My realtor at the time told me that I wouldn’t be able to get what I wanted for the property without doing updates. Then I called Meridian Trust and they offered me a price I was happy with and I also didn’t have to pay closing costs or a commission.

    – Grace Rojas

  • I had a problem property that I was tired of dealing with. The tenants were squatting in it and had not taken care of the inside.

    It was in pretty bad condition and I knew it was going to be a nightmare to try and sell. I couldn’t believe the offer Meridian Trust made me. I didn’t think anyone would pay that much for the property. They purchased it with the tenants still in the property and I didn’t have to make a single repair. I’m extremely happy to not have to deal with that property anymore.

    – Bill Sampson

  • When my Mother passed away it was a difficult time for me. She left me her property, but I live on the other side of the country and didn’t have the time or desire to update, market and sell the property.

    Meridian Trust gave me an extremely fair offer and I didn’t have to pay a commission to a realtor. I really appreciated their help in my time of need.

    – Eileen Sanger

  • When I bought my property I was making positive cash flow every month. Over time the rents went down, property taxes and insurance increased and repairs started adding up.

    After a while my income wasn’t covering my expenses and it was costing me money to own my property. That’s when I decided to call Meridian Trust. They bought my property for cash and they closed in 12 days. I immediately invested the money into other things that actually generate income. Gracias Meridian Trust!

    – Rolando Montoya